Welcome Wesco Policyholders!

Why ShelterPoint Life?

As Wesco, your current carrier, is withdrawing from the statutory disability (DBL)/Paid Family Leave (PFL) market*, they have provided ShelterPoint Life with your information so that ShelterPoint Life can offer you replacement coverage for your affected policy effective 01/01/2020.  Providing DBL for over 45 years as our core product, has helped us build deep expertise in statutory coverages. Let us help you with uninterrupted coverage for this required coverage as your current carrier is no longer offering this product.  


Does ShelterPoint Life do anything differently than Wesco?

Here are some things you can expect to be a little different while working with ShelterPoint Life:

  • We align billing dates with policy renewal dates. Since your replacement coverage will start 1/1/20, your renewal date and billing date will both be 1/1.
  • No census is needed at time of bill pay – just head counts!
  • Our claim process is simple and straight forward – no telephonic intake is required before submitting the actual claim form, saving that extra step.
    • Plus, we have an online claim portal for members to quickly and easily manage their claims.


Here are your next steps with ShelterPoint Life:

  • Once your coverage is confirmed, we will mail your new DBL/PFL replacement policy directly to you.
  • You will subsequently receive a premium invoice directly from ShelterPoint Life.
    • Annually billed policyholders will receive their first bill soon.
    • Quarterly billed policyholders can  expect their first bill at the end of the first quarter in 2020.
  • Keep your new policy active to remain compliant with New York’s statutory requirements.


Premium Payment

After you receive your replacement policy and your first bill, be sure to keep your coverage active by paying your premium online via e-Pay  All you need is your ZIP code and your new policy#.

epay logo

Want to pay by paper?
Download step-by-step invoice instructions: 

Annual Bill Instructions (new business)


Important Notes:

I already paid for part/most of 2020, why do I need to pay you now? How does it work? How will premiums be reconciled?

You will still need to pay the full premium due to ShelterPoint Life to keep your new replacement policy active.

Where applicable, Wesco will be issuing refunds on their end. For more details about that, please contact Wesco directly at: 877-528-7878.


Do I have to use ShelterPoint as my carrier?

No, you can choose any carrier that provides these required benefits. You are not obligated to go with ShelterPoint Life. However, given how late it is in the year and your current coverage is ending 12/31/19, this may be your fastest and smoothest route to ensure uninterrupted coverage and thereby continued compliance. We already have all necessary information from your current carrier to seamlessly issue your policy.  


Submit Your Claim

Got an employee out on a claim – or about to go out?

Claims still starting in 2019, must be filed with your current carrier on their claim forms!
Download their claim form here.

Claims with an onset date of January 1, 2020, or later need to be filed with ShelterPoint Life using ShelterPoint Life claim forms.

Wesco Insurance Company
P.O. Box 980
Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274

ShelterPoint Life
1225 Franklin Avenue, Ste. 475
Garden City, NY 11530
800-584-9303 516-504-6414


Once a claim is set up with ShelterPoint Life, we will send the claim number to your employee via mail or email (if it was provided on the claim form). They can then manage their DBL/PFL claims easily in our online claim portal and mobile app when they are out for a covered disability or paid family leave.


We are here to help – every step of the way:

As your statutory insurance experts we will gladly answer any questions at this email address: or via phone at 800-365-4999

We look forward to making this an easy and smooth transfer for both you, and your employees!


Your Statutory Insurance Experts.


*Please note: Wesco remains in the stand-alone PFL market.



ShelterPoint Advantages

As a ShelterPoint policyholder will be able to leverage our robust online tools such as:

  1. Duplicate DB/PFL 120 Posting Notice
  2. Duplicate Policy Request
  3. Download DB120.1 Certificate of Insurance

Download Online Services Overview for more information.

download icon   Resources & Downloads

Wesco DBL Claim form for claims starting in 2019:

Download here 

Wesco Paid Family Leave Claim Forms:

Click here

ShelterPoint Life Claim forms & guides for claims starting in 2020:

NY statutory short-term disability (DBL)

NY Paid Family Leave (PFL)

Other helpful tools:


Not familiar with ShelterPoint?

Let us introduce ourselves briefly to you:

  • Founded in 1972, ShelterPoint Life has evolved into New York’s largest statutory insurance carrier
    • More than 160,000 NY employers trust us to help them strike the right balance between compliance, coverage, and cost to complete their insurance equation.
    • Over 1.6 million members rely on us with their DBL/PFL coverage.

Providing DBL for over 45 years as our core product, has helped us build deep expertise in statutory coverages.


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