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Can Employees Outside Of New York State Be Covered For NY Paid Family Leave?

In essence, out-of-state employees CANNOT be covered under the Paid Family Leave Rider – unlike with New York’s statutory disability (DBL). Although PFL is built on the DBL platform and tied to DBL, the PFL program is intended to stand alone and to insure only workers in NY.


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Learn more about other coverage circumstances:

Q&A on Paid Family Leave For Employees Who Live Outside NY And Paid Family Leave Coverage

We frequently receive questions about NY-based employers with employees outside of NY – most of center around these concerns:

  • Do employers who have employees outside of NY have to offer them PFL if they offer out-of-state DBL to them?
  • Can NY employers extend the coverage to those in CT if they want - just like NYSDBL?
  • What happens if you have employees in CT but the employer is located in NY?
  • What about an employer with offices in NJ and CT but is a NY corporation?
  • What about employees who work (telecommute) from home, outside of NY, for a NY employer?
  • What if we want to provide out-of-state coverage as a NY-based company, and we have employees in NJ, which is a statutory state, too?
  • My client is a contractor in NJ performing a lot of jobs in Manhattan. Do they need PFL?
On the flip side, we also hear these a lot:
  • How about employers outside NY with employees working inside New York State?
  • How about New Yorkers who work outside of New York State?
So many questions and scenarios, one simple chart to answer them all!


If the employer is located ... If employee physically work... DBL/PFL Coverage
New York New York
Mandatory* DBL & PFL
New York Outside New York

DBL Optional

  • Except for NJ/MA/CT/RI/
    CA/OR/WA/HI/DC: n/a

    (need to be covered under the respective state's statutory coverage).
  • All other states: Employer can opt-in to provide out-of-state coverage on a voluntary basis.**

n/a PFL
Outside New York New York

Mandatory* DBL & PFL

Outside New York Outside New York
n/a DBL & PFL

*If employing at least 1 employee for 30+ days each in a calendar year in New York whether working at a local NY work site or working remotely from NY (for example, telecommuting from home in NY.)

**Optional coverage must be provided to all eligible employees by the employer; it is not on an individual basis.

In Essence:

Coverage is based on where an employee physically works, not where the employee lives. While NY-based employers can choose to provide optional DBL coverage for their out-of-state employees, they cannot provide Paid Family Leave out-of-state. And employers headquartered outside of New York need a DBL/PFL policy for their New York employees if they employ one or more individuals for at least 30 days each in a calendar year in New York State.

The ABCs of PFL

Our in-depth guide provides everything you need to know about Paid Family Leave in New York. Here’s what you’ll find inside this 34-page guide:

  • PFL basics
  • Eligibility - updated for 2024
  • Benefit eligibility and qualification period details
  • Benefits - updated for 2024
  • Claims
  • Premium - updated for 2024
  • Example withholdings - updated for 2024
  • Employer responsibilities
  • How PFL compares to DBL & FMLA
  • Tips from your PFL Experts
  • …And much more!
Download your copy now



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ShelterPoint only offers Paid Family Leave in form of a rider to DBL.
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This page is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal counsel. Please consult with an appropriate professional for legal and compliance advice. Any Paid Family Leave information is based on the applicable statutes and may change if guidance is issued by the State of New York.


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