19 November 2019

Fighting Cancer With Sweet Treats!

Our bake sale raised $760.50 to benefit The American Cancer Society!

Fighting Cancer With Sweet Treats!

What better reason is there to gather together with a little food and fun than to help patients fighting to beat cancer!

Tempting cakes, pies, cupcakes, donuts and cookies enticed our fellow coworkers to forgo their diets for a day, and enjoy some homemade treats - all for the benefit of The American Cancer Society (ACS)!

Cancer hits close to home for many people, and The American Cancer Society does a lot of good for them.  Did you know that the ACS has invested over $4.9 billion in cancer research since 1946, arranged 8.5 million free rides to treatment, given over 450,000 free places to stay nearby hospitals in 2017 alone, and in the span of one year supported over 1.34 million people through a live chat and 24/7 helpline?

From just the bake sale, we raised over $760.50.  Thanks to all who took part in the event – both baking and buying!

If you wish to support  The American Cancer Society, please visit cancer.org to learn about ways to give.

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