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23 April 2018

Introducing: ShelterPoint DBL & PFL Claim Portal

Client information available 24x7

Introducing: ShelterPoint DBL & PFL Claim Portal

We understand that life has different priorities when you’re out on a disability or Paid Family Leave claim. Figuring out when to expect your next benefit payment or what additional paperwork may separate you from your next payment shouldn’t be anything to worry about.  So, in order to help our members, who are out on a claim be able to focus on the things they really need to focus on in these times, we created an innovative proprietary online claim portal for 24/7 Disability and Paid Family Leave claim management!

This new online tool is now available for all employees covered by ShelterPoint Life’s DBL/PFL, who go out on disability or take Paid Family Leave.

ShelterPoint Claim Portal from ShelterPoint on Vimeo

If you have a claim with ShelterPoint, registration for an online account is fast, and easy as 123.  All you need is your: 

  1. Social Security Number
  2. Claim number
  3. Email address

This provides around-the-clock access to:

  • An easy overview dashboard with your current claim status
  • See if any action needs to be taken to assure continued processing of your claim
  • Check the history of the benefit payments we’ve issued
  • See important notifications regarding your claim
  • Sign up for alerts via email when action needs to be taken to keep claim payments going
  • Sign up to receive claim forms electronically

…and much more!


If you’re a ShelterPoint member check it out here!

Download your updated Claims Roadmaps that now include the claim portal information:





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