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25 July 2011

First Rehab Introduces New IVR System

Interactive Voice or Keypad Response System

  • 25 July 2011
  • Author: Anupam Garg
  • Number of views: 94
First Rehab Introduces New IVR System

First Rehab Life is pleased to announce that on August 3, 2011 First Rehab Life will be placing into production a new pilot program introducing their IVR System.  This system gives the company the ability to allow our brokers, policyholders and claimants access to check their DBL claims payment history and/or the DBL policy payment information utilizing an Interactive Telephone Keypad System. This system will be available 24/7.

In order to check on the status of a DBL claim’s payment, the caller will be prompted to supply either the claim number or the Social Security number along with the zip code of the claimant for verification purposes.  The system will then read the last payment sent.  For previous payments the caller will be instructed to press #.  In the event that “no record is found”, the caller will be given the option to speak with a live Customer Service Representative during regular business hours, or after hours there will be a recording to call back during open hours.

Callers can check to see if a DBL policy is either active or cancelled and if cancelled what the termination date and reason are.  They can also check DBL policy payment information by entering the DBL policy number or the Federal Employer Identification number (FEIN) along with the zip code of the policyholder for verification purposes.  The same option will be available for “no record found” responses as above.

This new telephone feature is a “pilot” program.  Based on its success, First Rehab Life will look to see what other information the company can provide in this manner.

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