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2 September 2022

CT Paid Family & Medical Leave: Key Dates and Quoting Timeline

A timeline for brokers securing Q1 2023 CT PFML business

  • 2 September 2022
  • Author: Anupam Garg
  • Number of views: 151
CT Paid Family & Medical Leave: Key Dates and Quoting Timeline

How to transfer CT PFML to ShelterPoint

As the quoting season is reaching its critical point to secure new Private Plans for CT Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFML), we put together this simple timeline to help you maximize your selling time and prepare your clients for January 1, 2023, Private Plan process:

CT Paid Family & Medical Leave quoting timeline

Looking for help with a renewal? The process to renew your clients who already have private CT PFML coverage with ShelterPoint* is a little different. Reach out to your Sales Representative, and they can help guide you through the renewal process.



There are only about 45 business days left to work with your Connecticut clients on their 1/1/2023 PFML needs!  But don’t worry, we’ve laid out all the steps on How to Apply For a Private in CT here for you.

  • You may want to front-load your time on conversations with as many of your clients as possible in early September, engaging with them on their financial and business objectives for 2023.
  • Your clients may need more competitive pricing, or perhaps they are more concerned with their day-to-day workload. In that case, the expedient claims processing available through ShelterPoint’s private plan may be the solution.
      • Our claims turnaround times exceed Connecticut requirements, providing smooth benefit payments when employees need them most.
  • Target to get your ShelterPoint CT PFML quote requests in now through October 1.


**PFML Expert Tip**

Don’t wait for the 2023 rate announcement – if needed, we can review the quote – it’s best to get the process underway sooner rather than later!


October - early November:

Plan for the Employee Vote before early November

  • A 1-question vote is required by Connecticut. When you quote a case with us, we provide a helpful kit with voting instructions and an employee brochure that helps your clients accomplish this easily.
  • A transition to ShelterPoint from another private carrier is considered a material change to a CT PFML private plan and requires a new employee vote and exemption application.

It’s important to remember your clients need to notify their CT employees 2 weeks before the actual vote – so this must be worked into their timeline.

Early-Mid November Deadline:

Your clients must get their exemption applications into

  • Get details here on what’s needed when they apply.
    • The deadline to get applications in and approved by the CT Paid Leave Authority is December 1st
    • Be sure to submit applications by mid-November at the latest to give the CT Paid Leave Authority time to review the exemption application.


Need to know the top reasons why you should pitch PFML private plans to your clients? Check out our “Broker’s Guide to Private Plans” here or watch this quick, 90-second video:


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This blog post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal counsel. Please consult with an appropriate professional for legal and compliance advice. The information in this material is as of the blog post’s date stamp; it is based on our knowledge of the applicable statutes and regulation and may change as the CT policy & procedures guide evolves, or Connecticut Paid Leave Authority issues guidance regarding CT PFML policy & procedures guidelines. 

*The ShelterPoint family of companies operates under the “ShelterPoint” name strictly as a marketing name, and no legal significance is expressed or implied. The ShelterPoint family of companies consists of ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company, a NY-domiciled carrier, and its wholly-owned subsidiary ShelterPoint Insurance Company, a FL-domiciled carrier, depending on the state. ShelterPoint is a registered service mark.
Connecticut Paid Family & Medical Leave is available in CT only and will be underwritten by:
ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company (a New York-domiciled carrier with principal office in Garden City, NY): 




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